1. Looking into the "Sewa" activities of the Trust at Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital, Indore administration has provided a room near the Police Chowki at the Hospital Campus where volunteers of the Trust are available between 11 A.M to 8 P.M. to help, guide and solve various problems of patients in every possible manner.
  2. The Trust has setup two water huts (PYAU) at Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital premises (one opposite to the main gate and the other near Cancer Hospital), one water hut in District Hospital, Dhar Road, Indore and one water hut near Pipliyahana, Ringroad Circle, Indore. The Trust provides uninterrupted supply of clean water through these water huts to the needy. Everyday there is free food distribution between 5.30 P.M. to 6.15 P.M. for around 200-300 attendants of patients admitted in Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital, Indore & also time-to-time distribution of Fruits. 
  3. The Trust has made a set up of more than 80 Stretchers & Wheel Chairs with the help of Shri Indore Grain Pulses canvassing agent Association, Chhavani, Indore and other donors. This setup provides free stretchers & wheel chairs on self service basis to attendants of patients to be used within the Hospital premises.
  4. Help poor patients get expensive tests such as M.R.I., CT Scan, Sonography etc. done at concessional rates or free.
  5. Provide help in getting expensive injections & medicines required by the patients.
  6. Distribute free protein diet (Banana, Honey, Curd & Protein powder) to serious patients & burn ward patients.
  7. Distribute Blankets, Sweaters, Shawls etc. in the winter, Umbrellas/Rain Coats in Rainy season and chappals in summer season to needy patients, attendants & even to other poor people who cannot afford to buy chappals & move bare foot.
  8. Provide free material required in Post Mortem Dept.. after Post mortem of dead bodies. The material includes sheet & cloth required for wrapping the dead body & talcum powder.  Around 250 post mortem are done every month in the Hospital. (Ram Rahim Chadar Yojana).
  9. Provide help in incurring expenses for getting Ambulance Service for patients after their Surgery to their village in distant places.
  10. To manage free cremation of dead bodies of very poor or heirless (LAWARIS) patients.
  11. The volunteers go everyday in each ward to know the requirement & provide free Sugar check up strips (presently around 250 strips) every day and Nestle milk for premature children. The Trust provides free surgical items, various medical consumables required for needy patients which are temporarily not available in the stock of hospital.
  12. The Trust provides guidance to poor patients having BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card, Mazdoor (Labour) Card, Deen dayal yojna card etc. for availing benefits of treatment provided under the schemes of Govt. for such card holders which they don't know because of lack of knowledge and illiteracy.
  13. The Trust helps in arrangement of blood for patients from various sources.


  1. The trust provides necessary help in govt./charitable trust/society run schools.

Water Hut (Pyau)

  1. 1 Pyau at Opp. Cancer Hopsital (Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital Compound), Indore.
  2. 1 Pyau at Opp. Main Gate of Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital, Indore.
  3. 1 Pyau at District Hospital, Dhar Road, Labriya Bheru, Indore.
  4. 1 Pyau at Cloth Market Hospital, Near Gangwal Bus Stand, Rajmohalla, Indore.
  5. 1 Pyau at Opp. World Cup Statue, Hanuman Mandir, Pipliyahana Square, Indore.

Water Huts (PYAU)


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